Hello everyone,
This is a poem for all facing changes and transitions in their lives. We are told by Jesus Christ not to be concerned about the future (Matthew 6:25-34). When we focus on and value our present moments, even ones of change, I think we can see beauty where we are—or where we are headed.

God bless
I face doorways with dread boiling hot and fierce in my bones, a primal fire.
Warily, I cross into the halls
Trouble, joy, questions, answers, faith, and fear
cram the hallways and rooms I find.
my eyes miss the angels and stare
at the demons smirking at my feet.
Heart like a rocking ship, I set out,
and only when I reach
the threshold
do I know it is always
an entrance
and I am here before I ever took the time
to cherish what lay behind.
I have met too many doorways with fear.
it is time I forge forward with a weather eye,
just as ready to spot rainbows as storms.
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Hi everyone,
This poem was inspired by the different connotations of the word “still.” When exploring those meanings, I focused on the stillness I think of in Psalm 23 (“He leads me beside still waters”) and the enduring hope I saw in cancer survivors and affected families of those lost to cancer during my experience at Relay for Life (a fundraiser walk for cancer research). One of the laps we walked was after dark, during which we walked in silence “toward a cure” next to luminarias for survivors and the people who have died because of this disease. In this poem, stillness is strength and peace, which we find in the One who told us, “Be still, and know I am God” (Psalm 46:10).
Thanks to Rev. Mary Haggard, who gave me the idea for this poem.
God bless
dawn hovers, tiptoeing on the edge
of cool waters, its one eye
watching dreamers hang onto sleep.
the world hovers, not breathing,
caught in the gray light like
an old photograph.
candles glow by the dark path,
burning onward while quiet feet
step beside their light: feet
moving toward a new future, heedless of
midnight’s clutches, carrying each candle flame
still hoping.
in dawn’s soft air,
you can touch the peace that calms,
the peace that carries.
no matter how much time passes,
if you lift your eyes
it is there, strong.
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Still by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Hi everyone,
A few years ago I had the privilege to meet Bishop Peggy Johnson of the United Methodist Church. While visiting my college bible study group, she shared the following wise words with the students: “Faith needs to be an adventure. Enjoy it. Have fun with it.”
These words have helped change the way I view my faith and were part of the inspiration behind this poem. May we all have adventurous faith—like the disciples who followed Christ at a single call, I pray we can be open and willing to get up and move wherever He leads us.
God bless
P.s. This poem is also an answer to a request for a “faith-based” poem

I had a conversation with Faith today.
      She stood on the step down to the road,
         refusing my invitation to sit on the porch.
She told me that
       she didn’t like staying put. 
I was confused.  Isn’t Faith about being solid?
        She laughed.  Touch me—I’m solid, I’m real, she said,
  because I am anchored in my heart,
and I move
     because I need to go places, follow people,
          strengthen them and assure them on their many
                     different roads.
I am a growing thing, she said. A living, breathing,
           walking Faith. 
                                    I do not stay put.  
I ask you to come with me, she said.
          I’m in the world, tough enough
                for the hard spots 
           and strong enough for hurricanes.
The road will change you, but I
          will stay with you.  
                 Faith and I stepped onto the road
                                  and our conversation went on.

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