The end

Hi everyone,
When I was a young reader, I thought a story wasn’t over unless it literally said “the end” on the last page. Remembering this made me think of how we live on in Christ after our time here; there is no “the end” when we trust our lives to His grace. Like I always hoped as a child, there is another part to the story after that last page. Thinking on that, I composed this poem for those who are remembering lost loved ones. May you find comfort in our hope in Christ for new life and a chance for another, better tale.
God bless,


“The end”
no one said “the end”
      when the last page of your life was turned 
   and the cover was closed 
I want to think just as I did
      as a child 
   when I thought that if the story
         did not say “the end,”
   then it wasn’t really over yet
somewhere your story
       goes on in pages I cannot see from here
and I have a reader’s intuition
       that it is the best part yet

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