In Winter

This one goes out to all the caregivers and the heartbroken trying so hard to be strong for everyone else.

God bless

“In Winter”

You have been looking for beauty in the winter
and a masterpiece in the shrieking storm.
You are rain-whipped and weary,
but for them, you must be strong.
For them you tell of rainbows and silver.
For them you are the warm hearth in the blizzard.
You keep your eyes open
to never miss a second or a cry.
Passersby say words to you like snowfall that blow cold
and then fall into the blanket of white ashes
where you put up a sign called Reality.
You hide the sign behind your skirts. They must not see.

In this season where you are the single pillar, I can only say:
Pray remember who is your ground.

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Below the Cross

I wrote this while reflecting on Christ’s sacrifice on Good Friday and His incredible strength and courage in the face of such pain and evil. By His grace, that strength is in us as well.

God bless

“Below the Cross”
for a mere moment
my eyes fall shut on the crowds below.
shouts and jeers rush into the darkness,
a surge of oily hatred.
I rally and force my bruised eyelids
back open and see a sea of enemies
that I love,
for whom I hang by
bloody wrists pinned to wood
by long, black nails.
they shove sponges of vinegar into
my parched mouth and bid me
save myself.
but oh, my little lost ones, I did not come
to save myself.
I cannot come down.
My mission looks bleak in the face of
hundreds of sharp eyes glaring from
the ground of the Skull.
i have walked among these people, healed
their sick, held their children, taught
their hearts truth,
but darkness stands tall and gruesome in this
late hour.
sagging, choking on my own weight and
the burdens one by one mounting on top
of my whipped shoulders with every call of
Crucify him I
keep my eyes open and
I tell you, children, though you cannot see
in the black hell you have summoned here,
I tell you I am stronger
than your malice and your fear.
for in losing all I have, I gain your freedom
by the name of grace abundant.
as you hear my dying cries, listen,
for I am crying that I love you.
Though in darkness you see me leave today
I will be back for you,
my little ones
at the foot of my cross.
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Below the Cross by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

My Name Means Strong

Hi everyone,
I wrote this poem to reflect on how God has given me strength in my faith through His Holy Spirit, and how that strength remains with me even when I or my circumstances change. My middle name, Briana, means “strong,” and so I explored how this name and its meaning are part of me in my life and faith journey. God offers strength to all of us, whatever our names, so we can stand firm through all our hard times.
(The mustard seed reference comes from Matthew 13:31-31. The well reference is from John 4:4-26)
God bless

“My Name Means Strong”
Dedicated to my parents, who named me and taught me real strength
my name means strong.
  I face an uncertain answer and
   a road scuffed with question marks.
   I do not turn away.
my name means strong.
    it was given to me before I understood it,
   when my legs didn’t walk yet and
       my eyes were weak and new.
    it will be mine when I fall more than I stand
        and blindness dims my sight.
my name means strong.
     it was set like a precious stone 
        in the middle of three names,
    placed firmly at the core.
my name means strong.
    days come when I double over
 and cry.
     days come when I 
  stare, hopeless, at the dawn.
     days come when other arms
         carry me home.
my name means strong.
    it does not change, for it is
      watered by a deep well and
   grown from the stuff of
        mustard seeds.
my name means strong.
     failure cannot shake it,
  losses cannot take it,
     burdens cannot break it.
my name means strong,
     and I am 
                      Briana, Strong.

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My Name Means Strong by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.