Advent #2, Winter Whispers

Holidays do not always bring comfort and joy, especially when the past year has held a loss in the family. To those who feel that pain this year, I pray peace for you and that you will be surrounded in love.
God bless
“Winter Whispers”
Winter blows in without sound.
Color has dropped into a brown carpet
on the wet roads as we gather, one less,
around meals and traditions and decorations.
Your voice was so much a part
of them that without it I’ve been tossed
into a black and white film where I
read the script on a title card. Tell me
what to say now that I am the voice
to fill mealtimes and give directions.
Snowfall buries the world with gray and quiet.
Staring out dark windows I take the time to
remember. Faint but true, you speak into
the moments I feared would stay empty and
raw. Snowfall brushes glass with white,
catches Christmas tree lights, whirls into prisms.
Perhaps in echoes and memory God
brings us closer to the great beyond
you crossed ahead of me.
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Hi everyone,
This is a new poem for anyone who feels like their worries and troubles are piling up around them. The poem is partly inspired by the well-known “Footprints in the Sand” story (you can find it if you Google it). Sometimes when we pray, we feel abandoned because we don’t hear back right away from God. But in those times, He’s drawing ever closer to you, if you look for Him.
Stay strong, and God bless!

you look out your window,
shivering as you watch your worries
falling around your house,
drifting and stacking until they are
steep as windswept snow banks
keeping you locked inside.
you feel tiny, trapped, broken
looking out at a swirling blizzard
of events and fears and people
you can’t control.
lost in your little house in the storm
you call me
and I always answer, Dear Heart.
you tell me of the storm, the terrible snow
piling around you.
I say I need to go for a moment,
and you hang up, disheartened, lonely,
watching the storm thunder on, wind lashing
your frosty windows.
it is hours later when you hear,
of all things in this weather,
a knock on the door.
you find me there, shovel in hand
and a path through the drifts behind me.
I know you felt abandoned for a while
but Dear Heart, I was on my way,
digging you a path out of here
and back to where I am.
You bundle up in your coat
and follow me home through the storm.
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