Hello everyone,
Continuing my theme of previously shared poems, this poem is one that was written on request from Rev. David Palmer at Newark United Methodist Church. His sermon on John 6:16-21 inspired the words.
God bless
John 6:16-21
I ride choppy water
long into the night
to fish for a truth,
to seek out the light.
The storm finds me first;
I’ve got nowhere to go.
Doubts toss me aside
from all that I know.
My boat floats away,
my fears crowd and call.
I’m alone on the sea
gripped in a squall.
The shore is far gone,
I’m not sure what to do,
but in these dark moments
that’s when I see You.
Across choppy waters
You walk into the night,
fishing me out
and bringing Your light.
I call out to You
and You answer my cry.
Though I’m here in dark waters
I know that You’re nigh.
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