wings will come

In times of turmoil, I am comforted by the psalmist’s words: “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul….” (Psalm 23:2-3) Restoration sometimes comes through transformation.
God bless

“wings will come”
it is invasive and clings
    around me, a constant reminder.
trapped: changing and no way
      to chew free of bindings 
            I spun myself with wishes and choices
         that I never knew could lead here.
but in the gauzy darkness i
know the wings
    will come.
you have been hoping for your own day
         in the open 
     for even longer than I have.
I cannot see you anymore,
     but somewhere in your own cocoon
  you are growing colors like 
      Arizona sunsets
that are outlined with your bold resolve
     like an inked sketch of
     your future.
let’s meet in the air,
you and I.

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Angel, Angel

Hi everyone,
This is a new poem written about the first Christmas in Israel. It is told from a shepherd’s perspective and is the story of how he hears the Good News and is changed by his encounter with the newborn Christ. It is based on Luke 2:8-20.
God bless, and Merry Christmas!

“Angel, Angel”

Angel, angel what do you see
coming out of the clouds and looking at me?
Do you see just a shepherd boy tending his flock,
wide-eyed with wonder, tongue-tied with shock?

Shepherd, shepherd, what can I see
soaring so high above earth and sea?
I can see someone to tell my Good News
that salvation has come in the King of the Jews.

Angel, angel, I want to see
this Savior who’s come to set us all free.
Tell me what should I look for, what should I know?
Where is He now – where should I go?

Shepherd, shepherd, He waits for you now
curled up in a manger, near goat, sheep, and cow.
He is now but a child, but He is ever a King:
the Lord of the Hosts, who rules everything.
Go find Him in Bethlehem, go see what God’s done:
giving His all by sending His Son.

Shepherds, Shepherds, let’s go and see
all that the angel has told you and me.
And as we come near, my friends, can you tell?
It’s He who was promised this precious Noel.

Jesus, Jesus, what do you see
peeking out of the manger and looking at me?
Can You see all my fears, my hopes, and my dreams
on this night of all nights where naught’s as it seems?
For I feel like You know me all through and through,
that with just one look You’ve made me anew.

Jesus, Jesus, I know I must leave
to spread this Good News so all might believe.
For tonight I’ve seen angels, seen wonder, seen You,
and strange as it all seems, I know it is true.

So stranger, stranger, listen to me:
the Good Lord has come to set us all free.
I heard it from angels, then saw with my eyes
the King of all glory, the earth and the skies.
You’d never suspect Him, so tiny and new
but He’s the Healer of Hearts and dearly loves you.
He’s waiting to meet you, just like He met me
He’s right there before you—look and you’ll see.
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Angel, Angel by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.