Fortify Me

Hi everyone,
Sometimes we can feel under attack from fear, doubt, difficult situations, loss, and pain. We feel like we’ve lost our spiritual footing. In these times, we need to not live by our limits, but by God’s possibilities and power. He can fortify us to withstand storms and then lead us into a faith we can live strong every day. The first step is to call out to Him.
God bless
“Fortify Me”
Fortify me.
I am quaking inside
and feel shaken by questions,
tossed about by endless fears.
I need protection, inside and out.
So fortify me, God.
Strengthen me.
I want to stand in the hurricanes
and trust to the Rock beneath my feet.
I never want to leave Your side.
So strengthen me, God.
Lead me.
I want to follow,
I want to believe,
I want to run in freedom
and never, ever look back.
So lead me, God.
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