God’s Heart

Hi everyone,
I’ve shared this poem before. It’s a reflection on just how vast God’s love for all of us is—it is far bigger than the limits we try to place on it. As my godmother reminded me this week: We’re all God’s children. May we all learn to not box in something so big and wonderful as His grace and love. It’s for everyone.
God bless
“God’s Heart”
I was looking for God’s heart
But it couldn’t be found
So I hopped aboard a boat
To search the whole world round.
It wasn’t on the ocean
Or beneath the wide blue sea
So I got aboard a train
To find where else that it might be.
I never saw a glimpse
Though I rode through many lands
So I took a plane into the sky
God once shaped with His own hands.
But it wasn’t in the sky
Just as it wasn’t in the sea
And it wasn’t on the land
So where could His heart be?
I tried looking in the stars
And even other galaxies
But though I searched for many years
I couldn’t seem to see
The heart that I was seeking
That heart of the Holy King
But then I got to thinking
Why I’d never found a thing.
It wasn’t that God’s heart was hiding
Or that it wasn’t there
It was that it was so big
It held the universe in its care.
I couldn’t begin to see it
Because it’s too big to see.
It’s grander than the heavens
The stars, the land, the seas.
My own heart is so small
I never realized it could be
That God’s heart’s big enough for all:
The whole world and you and me.
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