Wings Will Come: Journey – Part 6 “Heralds”

My parents began to get ready for the move, but the enormity of the task soon made us question this decision. It was in those moments God spoke to us in unexpected ways, encouraging us forward. In your dark times, listen hard to the night, and you may find the message of hope you need.
Next week, I continue the story of my family’s move and God’s goodness in the change in the seventh poem of my collection, “Wings Will Come: Journey.”
God bless
preparations chew into
busy hours and restless weekends.
tasks climb on top of each other
to beg our attention.
exhausted, we stare into the shadow
they cast over the dream.
in the shade of the movement,
questions stitch themselves
to our skin and hide the
true muscle and bone beneath.
in a weary ride home
of a shadow-day
you speak to my father
in a radio song calling
for change.
When he looks ahead
he sees a license plate
for his destination
hanging in plain view.
today a song of change
and Arizona-tags leap to the top
of the shady mountain
to proclaim direction.
we follow unassuming heralds
and shed our doubting scales.
(For more on the doubting scales reference, see Act 9:1-19)
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