Lighthouse Path

This is a poem to those who are grieving, and the many who surround and support them. Together, we will walk our way to God’s peace.
God bless

“Lighthouse Path”
You tuck your pain behind brave smiles
      like a shattered window behind a curtain.
I’ve been looking, but I haven’t found words for you.
      I stand nearby feeling like a lighthouse
with a broken lamp. Meanwhile, you’re
         out in the black bay where I can’t reach.
You will make it to shore in time, and I will
         meet you on the sand. I still won’t have words,
but I saw the path through the wilderness from up
          in the lighthouse, and I can walk
beside you on the way home.

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Wings Will Come: Journey – Part 6 “Heralds”

My parents began to get ready for the move, but the enormity of the task soon made us question this decision. It was in those moments God spoke to us in unexpected ways, encouraging us forward. In your dark times, listen hard to the night, and you may find the message of hope you need.
Next week, I continue the story of my family’s move and God’s goodness in the change in the seventh poem of my collection, “Wings Will Come: Journey.”
God bless
preparations chew into
busy hours and restless weekends.
tasks climb on top of each other
to beg our attention.
exhausted, we stare into the shadow
they cast over the dream.
in the shade of the movement,
questions stitch themselves
to our skin and hide the
true muscle and bone beneath.
in a weary ride home
of a shadow-day
you speak to my father
in a radio song calling
for change.
When he looks ahead
he sees a license plate
for his destination
hanging in plain view.
today a song of change
and Arizona-tags leap to the top
of the shady mountain
to proclaim direction.
we follow unassuming heralds
and shed our doubting scales.
(For more on the doubting scales reference, see Act 9:1-19)
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Travel by Night

Hi everyone,
Good times or bad, it seems like an obstacle always suddenly appears to stop us in our tracks and go a different, unexpected way. Whatever detours we face, we can choose to handle them with faith and trust in God. In Second Corinthians chapter 12, Paul faces an obstacle inside himself, the “thorn” in his flesh. Though God won’t take it from him, He tells Paul in verse 9, “My grace is sufficient for you.” I don’t believe God puts problems in our way. Instead, from this Scripture I read that when troubles attack, He gives us the tools, the grace, to get through what we face step by step. When we rely on that grace, it transforms us: Paul writes, “for whenever I am weak, then I am strong” (verse 10).
God bless

“Travel by Night”
been traveling by night.
    exhaustion’s got me in a vise,
    squeezing yawns out of me.
would be home by now, 
    but I missed my exit and kept on
been looking for another way,
   but the last chance I got
   is two hundred yards ahead 
   tied up in red and blue warnings lights.
Orange cones like
      impassible mountains
      force me off into unknown
      territory in the dark.
been winding on this detour and
     sinking deeper into teeth-grinding
why the red, blue, and orange
    when I needed a clear exit?
but there’s no roadmap to that
been exploring for hours now,
    finding an odd, shaky kind of calm
    in just moving forward.
my car’s bright eyes show me
   some more of the road:
there is a turn 
   up ahead.


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the yellow light

Hello everyone,
I found and updated another old poem to share for this week – a call to slow down and give the busyness to God when it is too much for us.
God bless

“the yellow light”
jangled jostled jarring
i am riding on this
busy road of a day
until the red light
at the end
when my fuel runs out
and i 
the horns are blaring bleating blinding
from every which way
and there are too many
ways to go
signs to read
and all i want is my
reaching over i
turn down the radio
with its voices of sad stories
angry people and advertisements,
turn it down so i can
thinking turns to praying
because my list 
of places to go and 
errands to run
has gotten too long.
i hand it over
peace-bringing prayer
echoes in my mind like
soft songs in a cathedral.
the busy road becomes
straight and narrow
and i see now only 
                             by headlights.
softly singing simple songs
from sunday school days 
of simplicity,
i slow down to wait in
the golden light
                at the crossroads.

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the yellow light by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Over bridges broken

Hello everyone,
This is an old poem I wrote from six years ago that I thought would be good to share again. When the weeks and days drag us down, God’s steadfast love pulls us back up and pushes us forward.
God bless
“Over Bridges Broken”
Over bridges broken,
through valleys dark,
at the very end
and back at the start,
I am with you forever,
brave little heart.
A light in the shadows,
a guide up ahead,
a knock on the door,
a story you read:
I’m speaking in whispers,
I’m with you in words.
This body was broken,
this blood it was shed.
These eyes, they have cried.
These hands, they have bled.
I didn’t do it for nothing;
I was sent from above
so I could die for you,
dear heart that I love.
You stumble, you falter,
you waver and fall.
You wonder at midnight,
through darkness you crawl.
But I’m reaching out always,
I’m standing right here.
When you’re ready to see me,
when you’re ready to learn,
when you open your heart
and from shadow you turn,
I’m still here waiting
after all this time
ready to claim
the one that is mine.
The secret to sunlight,
the joy in the dawn
is that no matter the journey,
I always hang on.
So don’t think you’re worthless,
so don’t think you’re lost.
I’ll never let go,
no matter the cost.
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The Long Dream

Hi everyone,
I recently graduated with my master’s degree, and I wanted to reflect on the crossroads that many of us face as we choose our next steps. We may be applying to colleges, looking for work, or starting our first fulltime jobs, or we may be later in life facing job loss, sudden change, or dissatisfaction. We often feel like we’re hovering between events, lost.
This poem is about feeling like we’re in limbo, but it is also about moving toward our full potential. I think often of Jeremiah 29:11: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” The word “know” strikes me in this verse: it isn’t ‘God’s working on the plans’ or ‘God’s thinking about the plans’ – He sees the way forward, and He is confident. Through Him, we can share in that confidence, too.
God bless!


“The Long Dream”

Tonight I am dreaming a long dream.
It starts with me sitting in a knickknack shop
  cluttered with baubles, books, tools, toys,
     electronics, paintings, shoes, and countless
  wonders – and I am told by the cashier to pick
the one that is mine.

I am still not sure
       when I put my choice on the counter,
but I leave with it and don’t let go.
     I walk through a town then, and it is
          crammed with buildings, people, cars, noise,
          streetlights, fears, hopes, and wishes
          and I almost can’t breathe in it all.
I carry my prize from the shop.
  At every road, corner, and door, I look for a place
      where I can use it.

I am still dreaming the long dream of the town.
I am still dreaming because
         I won’t give up.
    Like all dreams, this one throws at me
          chaos, people, places,
        unexplainable events, and pain—
   but I know if I wait long enough, I’ll also find 
      the joy of flying,
and it is then that I will wake up 
    holding my choice firmly in my hand 
    and knowing my place in the town.

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Star Journey

Hi everyone,
I’m a little late posting this, but this poem reflects on the story of Epiphany (January 6), when we celebrate the arrival of the Magi. According to the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 2:1-18), the Magi traveled almost 2 years to meet Jesus, led by nothing but a guiding star. These Magi, or “wise men,” showed dedication through what must have been a difficult and faith-challenging journey. It takes a lot of courage to follow a star in the sky to find a newborn King, but they made it there.
When he was older, Jesus told his disciples, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). This promise is so important to us whenever we struggle to find faith, especially in difficult days of grief, rejection, depression, and doubt. In times like these, think of the Magi. It was a long way through the desert, but they followed the guiding star to the newborn King Jesus. May we, too, keep seeking as they did.
God bless
“Star Journey”
even if there is a star
marking where you are,
my pathway still lies through
flat dry waste and
mountainous dunes of
gritty pale rock and dust.
even though that star
never falters, never wavers,
never hides, my pathway still
stretches over years, and
my precious hope all but runs
even though that star
convinced me to leave everything
behind, my pathway still
splinters my resolve every
heavy step I take.
even though this star
comforts me at night, the desert’s
scorching day burns through my
ease of mind and sheds light on a
myriad questions.
nevertheless, I do not stop—
not for doubts, not for questions,
not for throbbing feet—
because even though this star
is taking me on the hardest
journey of my life,
I believe this star
marks the end of my desert road: that
precious place where
a Child of hope and redemption
beckons me to come.
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