This is a poem for my mom, who taught me so much about what love is. This was written for Mother’s Day the year she moved to Arizona.
God bless
as you step onto the desert way,
you leave lessons
like painted handmade beads
I string into deepest memory.
They are reminders:
to love all the people around me,
no matter what they look like
or who they are,
to keep an open home,
dig deep roots of faith,
fear no doubts,
always ask questions
and know where
to look up the answers,
to ask forgiveness
and to give it,
find good stories
and live them,
be myself,
strive for my dreams,
seek adventure,
keep learning, and
to stand up,
stand strong.
The spun threads through each
reminder gleam timeless silver:
your pride in me
your welcoming arms
your overflowing love
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