Wings Will Come: Journey – Part 1 “Where did you go?”

I remember sitting across from a friend at a familiar pub, trying to explain the past few months to her. How my dad had taken a new job across the country in Arizona; how he, my mom, and my grandfather would all be moving out there; and how my little brother and I would be staying behind and renting the family home with some friends. Besides that framework, to my regret, I poured out all the bad stories. The stressors, the annoyances, the worst moments, and the conflicts. I hardly mentioned the good things, and I am pretty sure I didn’t mention God at all.

I needed perspective.

Though the change was still raw, I wanted to tackle my tangle of emotions and memories and go deeper. God was constantly at work in my life during this time, stitching blessings into a transforming tapestry. I recognized it, but I hadn’t claimed it as the greater truth yet. Sometimes we have to look backwards with a critical eye to see around the turmoil. My venue for this was poetry.

Every week for the next few months, I will be posting poems from the resulting collection, called Wings Will Come: Journey. In this collection, I tried to narrate the events and emotions of my closest family moving far away and to seek to see where God was working. I move (more or less) chronologically through the story, culminating with a poem that is a prayer of hope for continued growth, love, and peace for both myself and my family out there in the Wild West.

God bless

“Where did you go?”
The beginning

where did you go,
old days? better days,
rosy days, good days?
new days, stale days,
gray and cluttered days
pushed you away.
late at night I hear only
tension in your voice:
a strain of loss as you
buckle further under
the more, more, more.
as you stand sad and lonely
at the divide between
you and now.
those nights I prayed for
the joy that drove the beginning
to rise up again anew.
I prayed it for a long time:
save what is good here
before it is ash and
empty silver years.
God answered when
I wasn’t yet ready.

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Where did you go? by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Why I Write

Hello everyone,
I wrote this poem by request for a theme at church one week about the creative gifts of the congregation. I was asked to think about why I write poetry, and here is one answer.
God bless

“Why I write”
I write to 
      catch holy moments from the air
  like blowing seeds on the wind,
           to plant them on paper
                 and watch ink spread in spring leaves
                          every passersby can see.
I write to connect
        other wondering, doubting,
               aching people who are
                       waiting across a 
                          divide of silence,
                          unsure what to say
  to a truth and a love
       that lifts spirits with a healing song. 
I write to ask,
       to learn,
  to pray,
     and to seek
the Great and Holy Word 
        and leave a bookmark behind
so someone might read about
           who freed my heart.
Letters form my path
   forward, marking milestones,
mourning losses.
I write to 
    ask questions from my depths
to write out my doubts,
    face them.
I write to talk
    to God:
       a paper dialog where the Word
     meets the beginning words of a
            child learning. 
Into a canopy I can sit beneath
     and pray
I write to speak when my tongue fails me
      I write to ask questions,
           I write to sing simple silent joys.
I write to celebrate, mourn, 
      wonder, doubt, and grow.
I write to explore
      the Word so vast and intricate
that even a brush with its truth
        loosens fountains of letters
    from me.  
I write because we were born
        from the Word 
             and the Word is still speaking.

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Why I Write by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.