Hi everyone,
This poem was inspired by the endless, looping patterns of Celtic knots and the hope for unity that we celebrate on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is also a poem about the uplifting joy God’s presence brings to our lives, carrying us out of our closed, dim world into a place of vast and eternal grace.
It was also partly inspired by Ron DiCianni’s painting “Simeon’s Moment,” (2011) which appears as the cover art for the January/February 2014 issue of Upper Room, and his commentary on it inside the issue (page 2).
God bless


     I soar on wings, 
     eagle-like, to my destination:
an open door of wide landscapes and
                          mountains wrapping around
                   lush meadows like
             cupped hands
                      carefully guarding 
                                         my safe haven 
      sitting in the shadow of bigger wings
      than mine, where 
             I find cool air to breathe and
             the constant, rhythmic beat
             of assurance— 
             the universe’s heart
             so close to my own, 
             giving it joy:
                 joy that soars high over expanding horizons to
open doors of wide landscapes and
       mountains singing of towering grace 
             beyond sight and sound and imagination,
                         off into galaxies and spinning around us
                    like a circle of dancers on fresh earth,
              moving fast as hummingbird wings
        as their hearts soar up and out to an
open door of wide landscapes and
         endless paths linked in a 
              mosaic spiral glittering with brilliant people
          from a billion places and perspectives
              standing together to lift songs, gifts, and praises
                    that pave streets of gold through 
an open door…

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