Bakerwoman God

This poem was inspired by a list of “Images of God” from Schaffran and Kozak’s book “More Than Words” and my pastor, Rev. Palmer’s, insights on the image.

God bless
“Bakerwoman God”
the bakerwoman knows
it’s work to make what’s good
on earth
it’s a long afternoon baking
in the kitchen heat to fill the house
with warm scents of fresh
bread like a welcome-home hug
when you walk through the door
it wears out arms and cramps wrists
to knead flour and eggs and yeast
together, and it takes
long-practiced hands to know when
dough is right for its transformation
it takes patience and good eyes
to see a sticky mix through the baking
to the golden conclusion
it’s wisdom to know where to send
the bread and to know who needs
its energy and comfort
it’s abundant love to give it
away and abundant joy to watch
the loaf feed love to thousands
it’s work to make what’s good
on earth,
the bakerwoman knows
Schaffran J, Kozak P. Images of God in: Schaffran J, Kozak P. More than words: prayer and ritual for inclusive communities. Meyer Stone Books: Oak Park, IL; 1998. p27.
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Bakerwoman God by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


My Name Means Strong

Hi everyone,
I wrote this poem to reflect on how God has given me strength in my faith through His Holy Spirit, and how that strength remains with me even when I or my circumstances change. My middle name, Briana, means “strong,” and so I explored how this name and its meaning are part of me in my life and faith journey. God offers strength to all of us, whatever our names, so we can stand firm through all our hard times.
(The mustard seed reference comes from Matthew 13:31-31. The well reference is from John 4:4-26)
God bless

“My Name Means Strong”
Dedicated to my parents, who named me and taught me real strength
my name means strong.
  I face an uncertain answer and
   a road scuffed with question marks.
   I do not turn away.
my name means strong.
    it was given to me before I understood it,
   when my legs didn’t walk yet and
       my eyes were weak and new.
    it will be mine when I fall more than I stand
        and blindness dims my sight.
my name means strong.
     it was set like a precious stone 
        in the middle of three names,
    placed firmly at the core.
my name means strong.
    days come when I double over
 and cry.
     days come when I 
  stare, hopeless, at the dawn.
     days come when other arms
         carry me home.
my name means strong.
    it does not change, for it is
      watered by a deep well and
   grown from the stuff of
        mustard seeds.
my name means strong.
     failure cannot shake it,
  losses cannot take it,
     burdens cannot break it.
my name means strong,
     and I am 
                      Briana, Strong.

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My Name Means Strong by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.