Truly I tell you

Truly I tell you

I’ve been hearing what you
	haven’t been saying.
You’ve been silenced by the distance,
	strangled by the change.
I’ve been speaking softly in your midnights,
	facing down your fears.
You are bound to me by spirit,
	tucked deep into my heart,
	though you picture yourself 
	as the wandering ship off course in the waves.
Your hurt is my hurt for
	you rest in my soul.
I have been holding you 
	while speech is numb in your throat,
and I have been healing you
	even though you fear wholeness.
Weary mustard seed, you are growing into 
	what you can’t see yet,
but truly I tell you this: 
	The shadows you haven’t been saying 
	will not rule you,
	Child of the Light.

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