Christmas Hurry

Hi everyone,
This poem reflects on how we can learn from Mary and the first Christmas when the holidays overwhelm us. Mary and Joseph must have had a stressful time traveling all the way to Bethlehem with the ticking clock of a baby on the way (Luke 2:1-7). Our crazy Christmas season has anxiety as well—but maybe that means we can share the same exhausted and fulfilling joy Mary and Joseph had when they held their son Jesus that night in the stable for the first time.
God bless

“Christmas Hurry”
rushed and breathless,
    running but coming up
        short as hectic schedules
   chase you around the clock.
when you collapse into its
        ticking hands, they throw you forward 
           again, launching you into another 
                      restless Christmas.
she, too, knows the jostling rushed
    ride of the season: a long, hurried
      journey but still arriving too late
             to get a bed to sleep in, and birth pains
                 won’t wait and there isn’t enough time
                         to look any longer, so she guesses
                   this will just have to be Christmas—
—but the rush of time stops
when he opens his new eyes to see her.
the draining hourglasses of the world
        mean nothing now:
she holds eternity in her arms.

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Christmas Roads

Merry Christmas!
Here is a short poem about how whatever the journey has been like to get to this day—whether exciting or painful or busy or hopeful—we have arrived. I pray that we can pause, even for a moment, to remember the destination of the Christmas Nativity scene, where Jesus was born, and rejoice in its meaning: Christ is in our world and His grace is here to light up our lives in new and brilliant ways.
God bless
“Christmas Roads”
We each come to Christmas
on different roads. Like in
the Bible’s tales, for some it is a day
heralded by angels singing out joy and
peace. For others, it is a long trek through
deserts of the heart and mind, pushing on for that
star no matter how long it takes. And still more
come to Christmas by Mary’s path: a weary
journey and a flood of agony, in the
body or in the soul.
We come by different roads, but
we come somehow,
some way to the same place of
celebration, grace, and new
This day, may we sit together under
one roof of love, share our tales,
worship our God, and draw strength
from that most abundant of wells
to go out again on our roads.
*Acknowledgment: partly inspired by past Christmas and Advent sermons at my home church.
**Jesus is the living water, an ‘abundant well’ for us all to draw from spiritually for eternal life (see John 4:1-16 about living water and John 10:1-10 about abundant life)

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Christmas Roads by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.