Hello everyone,
This is a poem for all facing changes and transitions in their lives. We are told by Jesus Christ not to be concerned about the future (Matthew 6:25-34). When we focus on and value our present moments, even ones of change, I think we can see beauty where we are—or where we are headed.

God bless
I face doorways with dread boiling hot and fierce in my bones, a primal fire.
Warily, I cross into the halls
Trouble, joy, questions, answers, faith, and fear
cram the hallways and rooms I find.
my eyes miss the angels and stare
at the demons smirking at my feet.
Heart like a rocking ship, I set out,
and only when I reach
the threshold
do I know it is always
an entrance
and I am here before I ever took the time
to cherish what lay behind.
I have met too many doorways with fear.
it is time I forge forward with a weather eye,
just as ready to spot rainbows as storms.
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