In Return

Often I find that I have to pause or look backwards to see the blessings God has sent my way, especially in times of change. Like the leper who was healed by Jesus and returned to say thank you (Luke 17:11-19), let us remember to go back and give praise for our blessings.

God bless

“In Return”

God, I have meant to send to you 
    so many words in prayer, but
they have gotten churned up and lost
           in the traction of busy days.

I return to You now to say:
        thank you.
like the ten lepers, each of us walks away
      ready for the next thing,
but the lesson is in the return:
     when we walk back over our
     rushed footsteps, we face You again
          waiting in the road. 

Lord, the blessings I have
      tumble around me, treasures 
I have not had the time to fully
     understand—but I know
     they are precious.

I carry the new gifts you’ve given me
     down the road again, with
     grace and gratitude:
                              I wear new skin.

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