In the Cedar Chest

Hi everyone!
I’m back after another break. This poem was written as a reminder that the craze for “new” and “more” in this holiday season does not satisfy and is not the point of Christmas. We need to look backward to an ancient gift given over and over and over again to us each year: grace. God’s grace is new every morning (see Lamentations 3:23), and it looks especially bright on the dawn of His Son’s birthday.
God bless
“In the Cedar Chest”
as the sun rises on a chilly neighborhood, you flop
out of bed and reach for an outfit
to wear today. you lay out the same thing
you always do, frown, and decide you’re
tired of the same-old. so you dig
through your cedar chest
and rediscover a magnificent sweater
you had completely
it is a hand-me-down that you got
from your grandfather ten years ago at Christmas;
it is tightly hand-knit with bold colors, warm and sturdy.
you wonder how it got to the bottom
of the chest but can’t remember. It doesn’t matter
because today the sweater gets another chance.
people ask you where you got it,
how much it cost, and where can they get one?
you tell them it was a family gift from long ago
and then watch as these people slowly drop the questions
about price tags and outlets and start to wonder
what treasures they have forgotten
in their own cedar chests.
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