Communion of Friends

Communion is a ceremony Christians do to reenact the night Jesus began a new covenant of love and sacrifice with his friends the disciples. At my church we do Communion by Intinction, where the congregation walks up to servers holding a cup of wine and a loaf of bread. The bread server gives you a little piece of bread and says, “The body of Christ, broken for you,” and then the wine server holds the cup for you to dip in your piece of bread, and they say, “The blood of Christ, shed for you.” The servers at our church are lay people from the congregation. As a long-time churchgoer, sometimes the Communion ritual slides into “going through the motions,” but recently I had a wonderful and touching experience when a friend of mine was one of the servers one Sunday morning.
God bless
“Communion of Friends”
bread and wine sometimes
water down weak to repeated
ritual when I stand in the line for
our oldest ceremony, but today
I am served by a friend who
has watched me grow, blessed
my days with grace and joy, cried
with me in loss. when she speaks
to me, puts bread in my palm,
tears rush to my eyes in new
understanding of the love
that founded this ritual. Two thousand
years ago so did Christ share love
with his friends, care in his eyes,
compassion in his gift. Today I stand
in the presence of the same Spirit,
speaking silent words to me as I receive
deep blessing.
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Hi everyone,
This poem was inspired by a book we’re reading in my Bible Study, called 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without by Leonard Sweet. It is about friendships and relationships we need for our lives and spiritual growth. In our discussions at Bible Study, I have been reminded again how God has put truly incredible people in my life. This poem is for my friends – you are a blessing.
God bless!


I am blessed with people
    in my life who day by day,
        moment by moment,
   have become brothers 
              and sisters to me.
They listen to me, they laugh 
        with me, and most importantly
   they cry with me and then
       stay by me on the journey.
they are the rocks in my life:
   I can’t remember times without 
 them learning, living, and growing
    by my side.
they taught me to love
   with a bigger heart
 than I knew I had
     and saw who I was at times
   when I couldn’t see myself.
Countless hours we have
    sat and talked, hoped,
         and prayed,
    building each other 
we can sit around a table and say
      what scares us, and know
   someone is there to face it with us.
we share the wisdom we’ve picked up
   on our ways and bring each other
       back down to earth
    when we go too far.
I stand amazed by the bonds
   we hold together over distance and time
           and change. 
We love the soul inside its cocoon,
     and share our visions to see it fly free.

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