Wings Will Come: Journey – Part 2 “Shore”

When big change calls us unexpectedly, we have a choice to respond. In this second poem from my collection “Wings Will Come: Journey,” I reflected on a night that my father started to feel a call for a change in his life. It made me think of when Jesus called his disciples from their familiarity – and how they had a choice to take the leap of faith to join Him.
The story of God’s work in my life during upheaval of my family’s move will continue next week with the third poem in the collection.
God bless
I won’t forget that evening
in the yellow glow of the kitchen light
casual after-work conversation interrupted
as you stepped into the room and asked,
“What do you think about Tucson?”
We loved it, of course. It meant southwest
desert vacations, grandparent visits, good cooking,
and fond memories. You say, “I think I’m going
to move there.” Find a job and go.
We laugh. You’ve said that before, when
days are hard and long hours pile
on you with a backhoe.
Tonight, we entertain the idea. We toy with
what-if and wouldn’t that be and can you imagine?
It’s that moment on the shore when God calls
and you’re in your fishing boat, dragged down in the
daily muck, and you wonder: what if I go?
and then you do.
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