See me standing here
all colors of the earth and the sky after a storm? Take note:
I am a force.
Force is movement.
What you saw standing is now marching.
I surge forward, dragging my protests and uncertainty along for the ride
because I’m not waiting to figure it all out.
I’ve got now and I’m taking it.
See me.
See each color, see each culture, see each human dancing beneath my skin.
If you have to be scared, be scared,
but then get past it.
I was scared too at first, but now courage is my language. Speak it with me.
I am woman.
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Let the women speak

“Let the women speak”

Read between these bold and flashing headlines
for the message to my sisters that we belong
standing silent in kitchens with bowed heads and backs,
that our testimony is an annoying fly to be swatted.

I’m shredding that message.

I am woman, no longer a bone from your body. God made me whole.
Cite me your old laws of how I am lesser, unclean, but I
am busy watching the Lord pick an adulteress off the ground and I
hear him telling a bleeding woman that her faith made her well.
Tell me all about my weakness but I
stand by the Lord who stopped everything to raise a dead son
for a weeping mother whose agony touched his soul.
He loved our complete selves, from tears to faith.

They killed Christ for his rebellion. You are still doing it.

Let the women speak. Listen to the wounded lives
struggling unseen in tearing bramble.
Hold up the girls, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers. It is time
for us to unlock our souls.

Call me heretic. I am watching the Lord lift a girl from her deathbed
and say she was only sleeping.



Creative Commons License
Let the women speak by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.