This poem is about thankfulness in hard times of change.

God bless


pile up another box
     around me as I stare
 in disbelief
 at rapids of change rushing over
    the rocks. 
we are the moving river barreling 
        toward a divergence
where I’ll go my way,
                                        you’ll go yours.

I could clutter up this last leg of
the familiar way 
with all the debris
careening around us: 
    the setbacks, shifts in plans,
           breakdowns, and dreaded news
that could batter apart the faith I carry atop
    this torrent of water.

you call us to thanksgiving, God,
   not despair.

I focus my running eyes to 
     precious moments tucked along the
banks, gems in the river weeds:
praise songs sung on the road at night
      when we’re running out of time.
an old game my dad finds in the
      basement of his childhood home
      and teaches to me in the middle
      of hectic chores.
tearful embraces of comfort 
      with no words.
friends holding hands in sisterhood
    as one listens to cancer knocking
    on her mother’s door.
prayers short or long or broken, all
     answered quietly day by day.
and throughout, the glimmer of wise words, 
      forgiving words, 
humble words, 
        and brave words.

      we will go different courses 
but we will meet again 
         at the ocean wide.

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Hello everyone,
The story of Nehemiah in the Bible is about a man dedicated to the work of God. His project was rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall and the Jewish culture there after it had been conquered by enemies. It was not a smooth ride, and at the end of the story, Nehemiah makes many prayers asking, “Remember me, O my God,” because he feels like no one else is, even after all his work (Nehemiah 13:14).
Though he did not get a resounding victory, Nehemiah stayed in step with God every day by telling Him his fears (“Remember me”), asking for His help, and doing his best in everything. However our own goals in life turn out, we can follow Nehemiah’s example and live a testimony like his in all we work for.
God bless
Nehemiah 13:14 “Remember me, O my God, concerning this, and do not wipe out my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God and for his service.”

Weary hours crush
     your shoulders.
The foundation you dug
    for your dream is now
    another hole in your field of years
       like the backside of the moon:
                          a bit closer to the stars,
             but full of craters. 
You dug deep and sure,
   worked alongside friends,
   poured in your soul—
and watched
            greedy soil suck it dry.
You won’t dig again.
I join you, trembling tearfully to see
     you stare at another lost foundation.
You, the wise one, the encourager,
     the longest fighter. 
What did each hole bring you?
They are candles without enough wick,
     so bright and perfect, and then they run out.
I sit beside you at this latest hole.
         I have no words for the future; I am young and
         still imagine rainbows behind black clouds.
But in this moment, 
   from what I’ve seen so far,
I tell you this: 
Every shovelful you took
    showed me your passion,
    dedication, and daring.
Every new dream you worked for
    taught me I could work for mine.
Every bit deeper you went, 
     grace and tenacity and boundless faith
     dug lines into your hands, curling
        around calluses like calligraphy
            spelling out your love for creation.
I do not know if this field
     will hold the answers, 
but still,
     I pray you will dig again.


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Foundation by Briana Batty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.