The Long Dream

Hi everyone,
I recently graduated with my master’s degree, and I wanted to reflect on the crossroads that many of us face as we choose our next steps. We may be applying to colleges, looking for work, or starting our first fulltime jobs, or we may be later in life facing job loss, sudden change, or dissatisfaction. We often feel like we’re hovering between events, lost.
This poem is about feeling like we’re in limbo, but it is also about moving toward our full potential. I think often of Jeremiah 29:11: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” The word “know” strikes me in this verse: it isn’t ‘God’s working on the plans’ or ‘God’s thinking about the plans’ – He sees the way forward, and He is confident. Through Him, we can share in that confidence, too.
God bless!


“The Long Dream”

Tonight I am dreaming a long dream.
It starts with me sitting in a knickknack shop
  cluttered with baubles, books, tools, toys,
     electronics, paintings, shoes, and countless
  wonders – and I am told by the cashier to pick
the one that is mine.

I am still not sure
       when I put my choice on the counter,
but I leave with it and don’t let go.
     I walk through a town then, and it is
          crammed with buildings, people, cars, noise,
          streetlights, fears, hopes, and wishes
          and I almost can’t breathe in it all.
I carry my prize from the shop.
  At every road, corner, and door, I look for a place
      where I can use it.

I am still dreaming the long dream of the town.
I am still dreaming because
         I won’t give up.
    Like all dreams, this one throws at me
          chaos, people, places,
        unexplainable events, and pain—
   but I know if I wait long enough, I’ll also find 
      the joy of flying,
and it is then that I will wake up 
    holding my choice firmly in my hand 
    and knowing my place in the town.

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