Wings Will Come: Journey – Part 12 “Family Photos”

My PopPop was the next person to move with my parents to Arizona. My dad flew back from the new house to fly him out to the west. For a little while, we were all back together again. We took that time to crowd together in a family photo in our house of boxes and change, remembering what had been and looking ahead together to what will be. God blesses us with moments of memory, and He strengthens us to keep walking into a new present with new possibilities.
To catch up for the past few weeks, I will be posting several poems of the collection in short succession. Look for the thirteenth poem of my collection, “Wings Will Come: Journey.”
God bless
“Family photos”
To all my family
the five of us cram together to
fit in the camera lens
one last time before the house
is different and father and grandfather
spread wings to the West.
after the flash, we peer at
the tiny digital screen
to make sure we’re all there.
what fills the family photo frame
will change.
even as the takeoff still roars
in my ears I see different faces
crowd around me, put hands
on my shoulder, and smile.
some are new and some
are as well known
to me as my innermost bones.
I display the new photos and the old
side-by-side in my heart.
Under this sun, they each take
their place and their time:
equal jewels to hold.
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In Return

Often I find that I have to pause or look backwards to see the blessings God has sent my way, especially in times of change. Like the leper who was healed by Jesus and returned to say thank you (Luke 17:11-19), let us remember to go back and give praise for our blessings.

God bless

“In Return”

God, I have meant to send to you 
    so many words in prayer, but
they have gotten churned up and lost
           in the traction of busy days.

I return to You now to say:
        thank you.
like the ten lepers, each of us walks away
      ready for the next thing,
but the lesson is in the return:
     when we walk back over our
     rushed footsteps, we face You again
          waiting in the road. 

Lord, the blessings I have
      tumble around me, treasures 
I have not had the time to fully
     understand—but I know
     they are precious.

I carry the new gifts you’ve given me
     down the road again, with
     grace and gratitude:
                              I wear new skin.

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Hi everyone,
This poem was inspired by a book we’re reading in my Bible Study, called 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without by Leonard Sweet. It is about friendships and relationships we need for our lives and spiritual growth. In our discussions at Bible Study, I have been reminded again how God has put truly incredible people in my life. This poem is for my friends – you are a blessing.
God bless!


I am blessed with people
    in my life who day by day,
        moment by moment,
   have become brothers 
              and sisters to me.
They listen to me, they laugh 
        with me, and most importantly
   they cry with me and then
       stay by me on the journey.
they are the rocks in my life:
   I can’t remember times without 
 them learning, living, and growing
    by my side.
they taught me to love
   with a bigger heart
 than I knew I had
     and saw who I was at times
   when I couldn’t see myself.
Countless hours we have
    sat and talked, hoped,
         and prayed,
    building each other 
we can sit around a table and say
      what scares us, and know
   someone is there to face it with us.
we share the wisdom we’ve picked up
   on our ways and bring each other
       back down to earth
    when we go too far.
I stand amazed by the bonds
   we hold together over distance and time
           and change. 
We love the soul inside its cocoon,
     and share our visions to see it fly free.

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