This is a poem for my mom, who taught me so much about what love is. This was written for Mother’s Day the year she moved to Arizona.
God bless
as you step onto the desert way,
you leave lessons
like painted handmade beads
I string into deepest memory.
They are reminders:
to love all the people around me,
no matter what they look like
or who they are,
to keep an open home,
dig deep roots of faith,
fear no doubts,
always ask questions
and know where
to look up the answers,
to ask forgiveness
and to give it,
find good stories
and live them,
be myself,
strive for my dreams,
seek adventure,
keep learning, and
to stand up,
stand strong.
The spun threads through each
reminder gleam timeless silver:
your pride in me
your welcoming arms
your overflowing love
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The field

A prayer for unity and forgiveness.
God bless

“The field”
God, forgive us for the walls.
Forgive us for
     the bricks we’ve been laying.
We carry tension like marble
    backpacks as we bend over
to add new layers
to our masterpiece with
    no gates but many turrets.
Help us pull the bricks down
and reopen the field where
against all odds, the lamb and the lion
      could come to meet.

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For those grieving, here a poem about believing that we remain united in spirit and love.
God bless

the sky isn’t as simple as
     white against blue. Unstoppable wind
          churns simplicity into chaos.  
Staring into the rippling,
         building clouds, now gray-on-white, I
             realize I won’t see your face again. Invisible
             motion has claimed you.
In my deepest bones I know that
     clouds touch down in a fog on my world
                        and I will someday step out into it
                             to join their quiet blur.
your love will greet me there with
        all its caring, generous, laughing, and
            joyous spirit.
that spirit is what I miss the most, but here
     is the touch of blue on white and charcoal, 
     mixing into a gray palette. A soft touch.
There: the universe has painted us with one breath.
        On my aching days, I hear it blowing by.

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Wings Will Come: Journey – Part 3 “Origami wings”

When my dad accepted a new job offer across the country last year, I learned to celebrate the journey even though I wasn’t the one embarking on it. It isn’t easy to do, but whether you are watching a loved one move, a child go to college, or parting ways for the final journey of all, I believe that in the Spirit’s grace and wisdom, we can find the strength to say our farewells with hope and love.
In this third poem from my collection “Wings Will Come: Journey,” I reflected on the day that my dad took his leap of faith, starting a whirlwind of events that I’ll continue to share next week with the fourth poem in the collection.
God bless

“Origami wings”
To Dad
the job offer is an origami crane
that can’t move,
a shelf ornament made in dreaming.
then, echoing through cool spring
air, I hear 
the wings move.
      you move.
I sit still, suddenly 
the shelf-sitter,
fragile as rice paper while you
take to the air and shake off
the dust.
shock flattens me.
I am a paper leaf, 
blank and white.
I want to fly with you,
I want to stay, want you
to stay,
but your wings are finally
moving and right now life
is what matters.
so I muster a breath of air
to lift you off:
Dad, that’s great!  
but weighing me down is
Daddy, I will miss you.

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God’s Heart

Hi everyone,
I’ve shared this poem before. It’s a reflection on just how vast God’s love for all of us is—it is far bigger than the limits we try to place on it. As my godmother reminded me this week: We’re all God’s children. May we all learn to not box in something so big and wonderful as His grace and love. It’s for everyone.
God bless
“God’s Heart”
I was looking for God’s heart
But it couldn’t be found
So I hopped aboard a boat
To search the whole world round.
It wasn’t on the ocean
Or beneath the wide blue sea
So I got aboard a train
To find where else that it might be.
I never saw a glimpse
Though I rode through many lands
So I took a plane into the sky
God once shaped with His own hands.
But it wasn’t in the sky
Just as it wasn’t in the sea
And it wasn’t on the land
So where could His heart be?
I tried looking in the stars
And even other galaxies
But though I searched for many years
I couldn’t seem to see
The heart that I was seeking
That heart of the Holy King
But then I got to thinking
Why I’d never found a thing.
It wasn’t that God’s heart was hiding
Or that it wasn’t there
It was that it was so big
It held the universe in its care.
I couldn’t begin to see it
Because it’s too big to see.
It’s grander than the heavens
The stars, the land, the seas.
My own heart is so small
I never realized it could be
That God’s heart’s big enough for all:
The whole world and you and me.
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