Several years ago, I felt God calling me to use my writing to share my faith.  I began sending out poems every couple of weeks to an audience of friends and family.  Knowing that my own circle of contacts was limited, I encouraged everyone on my email list to forward the poems to others.  Thanks to my readers, the poems have spread from Delaware across the country to people I’ve never even met.  I have been amazed that the writing touched so many people, giving them encouragement and comfort.

My own faith has grown as well.  Each poem has taught me something new in the process of composing it, and in many ways my poetry has become a paper prayer.  I hope to extend the reach of my poems further and build on my call to writing through this blog.

God inspires all of my poetry.  He is the driving force behind every word I jot on the page, a guide whenever I get muddled in a stanza.  God doesn’t just point out the path we’re meant to walk; He walks with us, teaches us, talks with us, and listens to us in every moment of the journey. 

With grace,

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  2. Ralph Wolter
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 16:06:28

    I love your poetry, you are a very gifted young lady. I even like the alliteration of Briana Batty, as you wrote, very strong. Keep up the great work, The Lord is smiling with you.


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