Christmas Roads

Merry Christmas!
Here is a short poem about how whatever the journey has been like to get to this day—whether exciting or painful or busy or hopeful—we have arrived. I pray that we can pause, even for a moment, to remember the destination of the Christmas Nativity scene, where Jesus was born, and rejoice in its meaning: Christ is in our world and His grace is here to light up our lives in new and brilliant ways.
God bless,
“Christmas Roads”
We each come to Christmas
on different roads. Like in
the Bible’s tales, for some it is a day
heralded by angels singing out joy and
peace. For others, it is a long trek through
deserts of the heart and mind, pushing on for that
star no matter how long it takes. And still more
come to Christmas by Mary’s path: a weary
journey and a flood of agony, in the
body or in the soul.
We come by different roads, but
we come somehow,
some way to the same place of
celebration, grace, and new
This day, may we sit together under
one roof of love, share our tales,
worship our God, and draw strength
from that most abundant of wells
to go out again on our roads.
*Acknowledgment: partly inspired by past Christmas and Advent sermons at my home church.
**Jesus is the living water, an ‘abundant well’ for us all to draw from spiritually for eternal life (see John 4:1-16 about living water and John 10:1-10 about abundant life)

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The Waiting Room

Hi everyone,
This is another Advent poem, written for these weeks while we prepare ourselves for Christmas and celebrating Jesus’ birth into our world. Let us remember that while we wait for Jesus to come, we should do more than “watch and wait” for Him.* Our waiting season should be filled to overflowing with actively reaching out to the people around us, breaking out of our shells into the new life Christ’s birth heralds for us all.
God bless,
*See Matthew 24:42 to 25:30 for several stories Jesus tells about waiting for the Second Coming of Christ – whenever we wait for Him, whether symbolically in Christmas Day or literally for His Return, Jesus’ words tell us to keep busy doing good work: “Happy that servant if his master comes home and finds him at work!” (24:42)
“Waiting Room”
waiting room in a doctor’s office,
an echoing white box where sounds
of the morning news on the television clash
with shuffling magazine pages.
the many people in the room all wait for the same
Healer and the news he brings.
Two sets of eyes watch the news but never
share a glance with each other.
the stories of arguing politicians, war, terror, and disaster
glaze over their staring eyes.
three sets of eyes read magazines, and four sets
fix on the minute hand circling
the clock as the room waits, waits, waits.
boredom traces some faces like a gray crayon,
but pale blue fear haloes others.
in one corner an old woman curls over, shaking,
eyes squeezed shut on the world,
only letting tears escape. the room is still and
full of the glazed eyes.
a boy sitting by his mother fidgets, turns,
sees the shaking woman.
he slides from his chair and
walks to her, touches her arm and smiles. she
opens her eyes. He holds out a pack of
tissues printed with cherry red cars and trucks,
and she takes one from the plastic with a
hesitant smile. A few sets of eyes
pull themselves from the screen, the pages, and
the clock, and the people realize
what they’ve been waiting for.
Then the door opens, the Healer walks out,
and he smiles at the boy with the tissues
who is already seeing his patients
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The Waiting Room by Morgan Prettyman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.