Hi everyone,
This poem was inspired by a book we’re reading in my Bible Study, called 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without by Leonard Sweet. It is about friendships and relationships we need for our lives and spiritual growth. In our discussions at Bible Study, I have been reminded again how God has put truly incredible people in my life. This poem is for my friends – you are a blessing.
God bless!

I am blessed with people
    in my life who day by day,
        moment by moment,
   have become brothers 
              and sisters to me.
They listen to me, they laugh 
        with me, and most importantly
   they cry with me and then
       stay by me on the journey.
they are the rocks in my life:
   I can’t remember times without 
 them learning, living, and growing
    by my side.
they taught me to love
   with a bigger heart
 than I knew I had
     and saw who I was at times
   when I couldn’t see myself.
Countless hours we have
    sat and talked, hoped,
         and prayed,
    building each other 
we can sit around a table and say
      what scares us, and know
   someone is there to face it with us.
we share the wisdom we’ve picked up
   on our ways and bring each other
       back down to earth
    when we go too far.
I stand amazed by the bonds
   we hold together over distance and time
           and change. 
We love the soul inside its cocoon,
     and share our visions to see it fly free.

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Walk to the Table

Hi everyone,
Sorry it’s been so long. I have a new poem to share that reflects on Communion, the Holy Meal where Christians remember the night Jesus first shared the Bread and Cup with His disciples. Communion represents the grace Christ gave to all of us when He sacrificed Himself for us on the cross.
Eating this meal has many depths of meaning, but above all it’s a meal of faith. This poem is a reflection on how people at all ages and stages of their faith journeys come to receive Communion and the forgiveness and healing offered in it. It doesn’t matter how we get to the Table with the Bread and Cup—it might be with a walker or it might be carried by a parent—what matters is that we come ready to see all God has in store for us. This poem is what I learned from watching two different generations one Sunday morning.
Take some time and think about what you, too, can learn from watching different people around you and the examples of faith they show.
God bless!
“Walk to the Table”
footsteps across the old floor
of the sanctuary
engross me at this communion.
I watch the slow, practiced shuffle
of a man of many years and stories
pulling himself along on the backs
of chairs so he can walk
to this holy meal.
a minute later I see the opposite:
a tiny boy comes
carried in his father’s arms
to taste Christ’s grace.
his eyes are big, curious
just at the start of a journey.
I, too, walk in the line
to the bread and the cup.
I have been the little one led
by a parent,
and someday, I may be pulling
myself along on the backs of chairs
to get to the Table,
but I will come.
the determination I saw
in that church elder,
slow and steady,
shows me I will get there.
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Walk to the Table by Morgan Prettyman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.