Hi everyone,
A few years ago I had the privilege to meet Bishop Peggy Johnson of the United Methodist Church. While visiting my college bible study group, she shared the following wise words with the students: “Faith needs to be an adventure. Enjoy it. Have fun with it.”
These words have helped change the way I view my faith and were part of the inspiration behind this poem. May we all have adventurous faith—like the disciples who followed Christ at a single call, I pray we can be open and willing to get up and move wherever He leads us.
God bless,
P.s. This poem is also an answer to a request for a “faith-based” poem

I had a conversation with Faith today.
      She stood on the step down to the road,
         refusing my invitation to sit on the porch.
She told me that
       she didn’t like staying put. 
I was confused.  Isn’t Faith about being solid?
        She laughed.  Touch me—I’m solid, I’m real, she said,
  because I am anchored in my heart,
and I move
     because I need to go places, follow people,
          strengthen them and assure them on their many
                     different roads.
I am a growing thing, she said. A living, breathing,
           walking Faith. 
                                    I do not stay put.  
I ask you to come with me, she said.
          I’m in the world, tough enough
                for the hard spots 
           and strong enough for hurricanes.
The road will change you, but I
          will stay with you.  
                 Faith and I stepped onto the road
                                  and our conversation went on.

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Summer Night Prayer

Hi everyone,
This poem is a reflection I wrote a couple years ago. God listens to our prayers no matter our stages of life and ability, and His Words back to us help us grow as His children.
God bless,

“Summer Night Prayer”
deep in summer dreams buzzing
       with cicadas and lawnmowers
              i murmur midnight prayers. what
amazes me and confounds me
      is the listening ear i find taking in
             each long list of worries, questions,
                            requests, and hopes. what makes 
me lie still as leaves hanging in humid
       noon sunshine is that silent reassurance
            that i’ve been heard and that since 
        my first wailing breath i’ve 
    been cherished close by family
here around me and up above. in clouds
        drifting over the moon, You’re up there
               cupping Your great ear
                  to hear my little voice.
back when i only knew words in patterns
        and rhymes, You listened. now, with my
              rambling prayers You
still listen, offer a guiding hand and a
        gentle voice in reply, a voice i hear
tonight amidst the buzzing of summer. it’s 
        delicate but deep with life and love
             and power beyond vast starry skies and imagination.
it says simple things to me, for a child’s ears,
        but simple things are wise and change souls.
                   if i set aside doubt for a minute, set aside
          scientific rationale and if onlys and what ifs,
i can feel a seed in my heart split open
         to sprout a shoot of faith. if i listen, rain falls
                      gently on me and the shoot grows leaves 
and branches. branches are beautiful because
              they reach—over and down and up in all
                     directions. Your Word is 
air around me, a fine cool mist, and nourishing
       sunlight for the faith
                   growing in me.

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Hi everyone,
My campus pastor once told me that sometimes when we lose our faith, we can let others hold onto it for a while until we’re ready to come back. I have been blessed with a community and a family of believers who let me ask questions and never criticize me for them. When I am ready, they welcome me back with the arms of Christ. These are the strong voices I rely on, that I listen to, and I join in singing with day after day. Yes, sometimes my voice gives out, but the Holy Spirit always gives it back to me.
God bless,
i have songs to sing
of God’s love and grace
and His wonder,
but my voice
doesn’t always hold out strong;
it breaks and falls away
warbles and wanders
into choked silence.
i feel inadequate.
but when tears swallow my notes
i stand in a congregation that keeps singing:
i stand amidst family who carries on,
their voices encouraging me,
filling in my silence until
my voice is strong again.
see, i have learned
the song doesn’t stop
and it sweeps you back in.
when you think that you’re done
trust to the song—
when the time comes to sing
the Spirit fills your lungs
with all the words and voice you’ll need.
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