Hi everyone,
Everybody at some point wonders: Is there a God? I know I have. The answers I’ve found to that question are often simple—and one of them that strikes me again and again is the incredibly intricacy of nature itself. From the stars to the mystery of the human body, there’s a clear mark of thoughtful purpose behind it all. I see God’s love in how complex we are and how amazing our world is. It’s a silent message to us that He is there, and He loves what He made deeply.
God bless,

sometimes when I stumble
      it is Your creation that speaks the loudest
   to bring me back.
maybe the rocks don’t cry out,
           but they sing in the sunset 
                 over the mountains, and stars by the millions 
        peer down at me from an inky sky. summer leaves 
  with dazzling shades of green stretch for the clouds,
          and outside my window tiny brown birds fly on delicate wings—
  all too wonderful to be nothing 
                                                 but chance.
and then humanity,
          complex down to our DNA, with lungs full of songs
    and minds spilling over with stories, questions and dreams, 
             all too wonderful to be nothing
                                                 but chance.
these are the simple silent messages
          I admire the most, 
  Your world that speaks these words from You:
            “I made this with Love,
                  from the faraway star
            to your own hands
                        reaching out in wonder.
              My little one in this vast, vast world,
          know that I am reaching back
                in just as much wonder
          for you.” 

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Songs in These Shells

Hi everyone,
I have shared this poem before, it seems like it would be a good one to share again after the tragedy in Philadelphia this week. This poem is for those who are mourning, hurting, and asking why. In your storms of life, God still sends messages of hope and stands by you through every difficult day. We sometimes have to listen closely to hear those messages, and sometimes we need someone else to point them out to us, but they are there, sometimes in the most unexpected places.
God bless,

“Songs in These Shells”
i am sitting on a sandy black
shore lashed by winter storms.
i am like a pebble that escaped
a riptide only to be lost 
in a tumble of rough rocks 
                                    and sand.
this shore in the summertime
was all glorious golden yellows
and turquoise dream-away blues
above and beyond,
but this shore is shadowed now
by an abrupt storm i never
saw coming, never
                                   was ready for.
the gold sand is stripped away,
the blue waters have turned
dark and wild. waves like thieves
take the friends and family in those
cherished sunny photos
and hurl them out to sea beyond
my reach. and i watch them leave,
i am hollow from yelling my pain
into the wind and wishing it to go
away, but it comes back on a sea breeze
and whispers in my raw ears. 
the storm grinds me into the sand 
like heavy tires over rocks in the mud—
                                   pounding, rolling, endless.
i look down the gray-black beach
and see dots everywhere.
when i look closer i see shells—
whole shells, spiral shells, broken shells.
i pick one up, hold it to my ear.
humming softly is a song from across
the distance of the waves.  a message
from where my lost ones are:
be at peace, know we’re safe, know
                                   we love you, know we love you…
the shell in my hand is cracked, but 
it still sings when i hold it close to listen.
i would have missed this beautiful sound 
if the storm hadn’t washed this shell
onto shore. it doesn’t replace
the people missing from the photos,
but it promises me there are other shores
waiting, other photo albums to fill,
and waiting arms on the other side
                                    of this sea.
i stand up, face the wind, and watch
the horizon. there are storms on these waters,
but there are also songs in these shells.

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Songs in These Shells by Morgan Prettyman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.