The end

Hi everyone,
When I was a young reader, I thought a story wasn’t over unless it literally said “the end” on the last page. Remembering this made me think of how we live on in Christ after our time here; there is no “the end” when we trust our lives to His grace. Like I always hoped as a child, there is another part to the story after that last page. Thinking on that, I composed this poem for those who are remembering lost loved ones. May you find comfort in our hope in Christ for new life and a chance for another, better tale.
God bless,

“The end”
no one said “the end”
      when the last page of your life was turned 
   and the cover was closed 
I want to think just as I did
      as a child 
   when I thought that if the story
         did not say “the end,”
   then it wasn’t really over yet
somewhere your story
       goes on in pages I cannot see from here
and I have a reader’s intuition
       that it is the best part yet

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Hi everyone,
This new poem was inspired during my mission trip to Crisfield, Maryland, which I talked about in the previous post. Our theme was storms, and one day we focused on the Noah story in Genesis. The devotional that day reminded me that Noah had to put a lot of trust in God and His design of the ark to survive the flood that destroyed the earth. This is a lesson for us, too, in our own difficult times.
God bless!

i need to
      for a while.
i need to lay on my back
   and trust the water
      to hold me up
   like a cupped palm
      under a flower petal.
i need to stand on
     an ark
  built sturdy according to
     God’s direction.
i need to stand on the deck,
   stare out at the flood
and wait for the dove
     to return with an olive branch
  of hope:
     wait, float, pray
  in the silence over the flood.
i need to trust
    for a while
that when the waters recede
   there’s dry ground beneath,
that there’s life waiting to grow,
   that there’s more journey to go.
i cannot learn to trust and walk
    when the ground is easy to see.
i must learn when i’m floating above
   the storms of the raging sea.

Acknowledgment to the following devotional and the awesome people on the mission trip who assembled the great collection of readings for the week!
Lessons From Noah’s Ark. Published January 9, 2000. Accessed April 16, 2013.
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Float by Morgan Prettyman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.