Hi everyone!
This poem was inspired by Max Lucado’s book Fearless and the story of Peter walking on water to meet Jesus (Matthew 14:22-34). Peter dares the stormy waters to go to Jesus, even though he becomes afraid and nearly sinks. I think one of the first steps to facing fear is to try – to step out and reach for Jesus to get you through your hardest times. If it becomes too much, He will catch you. Guaranteed.
God bless!

fear sits, black tar in my stomach
restlessly oozing side-to-side
looking for a way to spread

i sit, chilled and hollow
sleepless, shaking, scared
looking for a way to trust

You sit, quiet and sure
courageous, strong, patient
waiting for me to trust

I ask, voice small as fine-ground seashells
what happens now? what happens?
holding my breath for the answer

You say, voice big as rolling pastures
have faith, dear one, have faith
holding out Your hand

I say, voice rattling like glass chimes
I am still afraid, God, I’m afraid
sitting on my hands

You say, voice calm as snowy mornings
Reach out, step forward, try
holding out Your hand

I stare, like Peter on the stormy sea
caught, boat behind me, Christ before me
fighting tar-black waters

You smile, closing the distance
swift, simple, strong
catching my shaking hand

Now we sit, chilly on the shoreline
resting, calm, peaceful
watching the storm blow out
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If I had walked the dusty roads

Hi everyone,
The Sunday School class I’m in recently finished reading an engaging and thought-provoking novel called Eli, by Bill Myers. This book is about a man who finds himself in a parallel world where Jesus came in the 1990s instead of two thousand years ago. The modern context raises a lot of interesting issues and forces readers to realize all over again how radical and amazing Jesus truly is.
In light of reading this great book, I’m putting up a poem I wrote last year. In it, I reflect on whether I would have had the kind of faith the first disciples had to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. I thought of this poem again thanks to the book, where the characters, like the first disciples, encounter Jesus (called “Eli” in this world) in person and have to decide if He really is the One they’ve been waiting for.
God bless!
“If I Had Walked the Dusty Roads”
If I’d walked the dusty roads with You,
would I have believed?
Would I have had the kind of faith
strong enough to see?
Would I have listened to Your words
and knew them true to be?
Would I have followed without fear
and trusted what You teach?
I wonder if I’d be strong enough
simple enough, like a child.
If I’d cling instead to the written laws
the rules, the books, the scribes.
I wonder if I’d be able to
leave it all behind,
to be a pioneer of faith
and still my doubting mind.
I marvel at Your first followers
with their stout hearts, changed and true.
I thank them for their bravery,
for listening to You.
For through their words and deeds,
I can know You today.
Your gospel carried across the world
through ages dark and gray,
so that tonight I can know
I am saved and free.
By Your grace I know this now,
by Your grace I’ll say
that no matter what time that I was born
I think I’d understand
that when I looked into Your eyes
I’d know I was in Your hands.
In that look, Your smile and laugh,
Your words, Your truth, Your grace,
I know no matter when I walked with You
I would find my place.
You move us in mysterious ways,
You speak right to our hearts.
Deep inside I know this truth:
You find us where we are.
So if I walked those dusty roads
of Israel long ago,
I’d give my heart and trust to You—
Just one look, and I’d know.
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Step by faith

Happy New Year everyone!
Last Sunday, the 6th, was Epiphany. This is the day we celebrate the coming of the magi, who traveled from the east following a star to find the newborn Jesus Christ. I was inspired by the story of their faith and wrote this poem. (You can read the story in Matthew 2:1-12.)
I like to plan things out and know exactly what’s on my schedule. It’s hard to imagine taking to the road with no road map but a star in the sky, and no idea of how you’ll reach your destination. Yet, this is what the magi did. May we all have their faith and trust to follow God’s signs on our journeys in life.
God bless!
“Step by faith”

Sitting on my porch step,
i study the road beyond
as if i could read its story
from all the way over here.
i dream of having the faith
to step out onto that road,
of having the trust
to leave my comfortable world

thousands of years ago
wise men stepped
onto an uncertain road,
each step taken in faith
as they followed a star
to meet the King of Kings.

no journey is perfectly sure,
but each one of us is called
to find our stories on the road,
to trust God beyond
our comfortable worlds,
to take all steps in faith,
to be brave enough to follow a star
on the road to the King.
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